Durr Family Fair Go Australian Cattledogs

Our Cattle Dogs

Karen Served as a

Director and Vice President

of the

Central Pa Australian Cattle Dog Club for several years

CH Bleu Moon’s The Buck Stops Here,CGC

  Titles RN                         AKA “Bucky”

Bucky Clearances CHIC #:114060

PRA Clear Normal Pattern A

Hearing Good

PLL Normal

RCD4 Normal

Hips and Elbows

DNA certificate

Buckys Pedigree

Bucky is training for his titles in herding

                                                                                                                                         AM/Aust CH Duwest Say No More     

                                                                                                 GCH Mr DJ Rocketman

Bleu Moon’s Happy on the Campaign Trail         DN12514409             

DN25962601                                                                                                              CH Tedee’s Dally Up Katie

                                                                                                                                             Ellisons Captain Jack

                                                                                               Bleu Moons LN the Generous

                                                                                                    DN15195602              Buzzards Jse Gracie

                                                                                                                                              Circle W’s Rock One-Fifty

                                                                                              Bleu Moons One Fifty One Rum

Bleu Moon’s Take The Money and Run     DN05698003              CircleW’s Blue Angel


                                                                                                                                             CH Austlyn On the Go’s Sizzlin’ Hot

                                                                                               Buckaroo’s Ms Liberty Bell

                                                                                               DN10691901                  Four D Buzzards Bandit

Wiser’s Treasure Of  Happy Fortune CGC

                             AKA “Halona”

Health Clearances

PRA - Carrier Pattern B

Hearing - Good



Hips and Elbows

AKC pointed

Halona’s Pedigree

                                                                                                                                CH Austlyn Cimarron's Gone Country                              

                                                                         CH Austlyn's Life Is Good

                                                                          DN10900703                        CH Austlyn Onthego's I'ma Blustar

Firefly's I'Ma Hunk Of Burning Love                                          CH Duwest I'm A Cowboy At Austlyn

DN19845706                                             CH Austlyn Onthego's I'ma Blustar                                  HSAs CGC TDI VQW

                                                                             DL89128901                         CH Get Go's Austlyn Peaches N Cream PT


                                                                                                                                  Bluey's Rocky Mountain Range

                                                                           Dingo Buzzards Boy

                                                                            DN17636606                        TK's Rythum N Blue

Sydney Dingo Girl Tosh Carver                                                          Buzzards Sooner Be Working

DN25198501                                              Sydney Buzip

                                                                             DN11742003                           Nebo Zip

Fair Go Sweet To The Soul CGC

                     AKA “Ellie”

CH Pinfire’s Fair Go Whispers on the Night Wind CGC

                                      AKA “Jetta”

Health Clearances

PRA - Clear/ Normal Pattern A

Hearing - Good

PLL clear by parentage

RCD4 clear by parentage

Hips and Elbows coming after age 2

Jetta’s Pedigree

Health Clearances

PRA - Clear/Normal Pattern A

Hearing - Good

PLL - Clear


Hips  Good     Elbows Normal

Ellies Pedigree

                                                                                                                                 Aust CH Banlan Bedevilled

                                                          BIS BISS AM/UK CH Austmans Ground Control

                                                         DN23328801                                           Austmans Real Diamond

Bleu Moon's Lightning Strikes Twice

DN34646103                                                                                                    GCH Mr DJ Rocketman

                                                           GCH Happy Trails Caution-Grace Under Fire

                                                            DN22104903                                        CH Firefly's Caution-Flammable

                                                                                                                                Valley B Some Kinda Bear

                                                            Biehle's Mr. Tyson

                                                             DN04262906                                   Valley B Ms Cowco Snow

Bleu Moon's Wren The Saints Go Marching In

DN28458608                                                                                                CH Tallawong County Donegal

                                                            Biehle's Special Cowgirl

                                                            DN22308710                                     Dr K's Carolina Cowgirl

                                                                            CH Cedardell Bat Man

                                                                       CH So-Lo Hard Working Man

                                                                         DL77516707                       WTCH DC So-Lo Easy One CD ROM VQW HXAsdc

GCH AE's Midnight Desert Outrider CD RE PT CGC VQW

DN14537604                                                                                                 Talla-Wong Blue Buck

                                                                       CH Teddee's Gem Jasmine Jade HSAsd STDs JHD CD VQW RN CGC ROM

                                                                          DL87779602                          Teddee's Blue Dally

                                                                                                                                 Hill Sts Blue Luke

                                                                        UCD AE's Road Warrior HSAsd STDs HTAD-Is CD QW RA CGC

                                                                          DN10484701                          CH Teddee's Gem Jasmine Jade

GCH Pinfire's Reasonable Amt of Trouble HT

DN29154705                                                                                                     Drywood's Johnny Be Good

                                                                        Drywood's Heaven Help Us All PT

                                                                          DN16352703                            Silver Hills Special Texi

Shazzam Of Oz Cooper

He has Raised every Cattle dog puppy that has come into our home. He is Loved by us greatly and he rules the household as only a Terrier can do. Cooper is neutered.

He is my Husband Kent’s Therapy dog. Yes he is a Wired Haired Fox Terrier but one of the good ones.

Thank You to Tatianna Myers and Irina kravchik McDunnell   http://www.shazzamofozkennels.com

Bred by Barb Finegan & Ellen Schwab ( Sandra Ball )

Bred By Tiffany Wiser of Wiser Stock Dogs Thank You for this girl

Wiser’s Fair Go Fancy Free CGC

AKA “Fancy”

Health Clearances

PRA - Carrier Pattern B

Baer Hearing - Good



Fancy’s Pedigree

Thank You To Tiffany Wiser of Wiser Stock Dogs for Entrusting us with this girl

CH Fair Go Bleu Nic’s Moon CGC

aka “NIC”

Health Clearances


Baer hearing Good

PLL Clear

RCD4 by Parentage

Nics Pedigree

CH Bleu Moons The Buck stops Here RN CGC


Wisers Treasure Of  Happy Fortune

Fair Go Bandits On the Run CGC

aka “SID”

Health Clearances

PRA B Carrier

PLL Clear

RCD 4 By Parentage

Sids Pedigree